X-Basic Ultra Soft Platinum-Cure Silicone Cockring


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Cock Rings are designed to enhance your love making sessions, your hot and heavy one nighters, your casual fling or even your time alone with Mrs Palmer or with a masturbation sleeve.
The X-Basic Ultra Soft cock ring is flexible, really flexible! This assists in putting it on with ease and in a mixture of ways.
As it’s in an 8 design you can use it by slipping over the penis and then you can have the other around your balls.
Or you can have both around either.
Mix it up and try something different each time and find what is perfect for you.
With cock rings we recommend using a little lube for the first few times just till you get the hand of putting them on.
After a while you will be an expert and you may find that you don’t need it, but it does feel pretty good with your favourite water based lube and sliding the cock ring along your shaft.
Something else that you may not think about and it’s a great idea is to check on your hair level down there.
The last thing you want to do is snare a hair or two in the rings as your eyes will water and not for a good reason.
Once lube and hair is taken care of you are all set for a harder cock that should assist with you lasting even longer making it a lot of fun for the both of you! X-Basic Ultra Soft Platinum – Cure Silicone Cockring is something a little different in the cock ring design.
Perfect for any guy who likes to mix things up a little.
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