Ultra Douche


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When it comes to anal sex, especially for the first time you want to make sure that you are nice and clean so there is no mess which can be very off putting and may also make you think twice about playing again.
We don’t want that to happen! Comfort is so important in all aspects of bum fun.
So the preparation should also be comfortable and easy to do.
The Ultra Douche is a good size to insert to get that clean feeling.
There are no seams to irate the skin which is a bonus.
Clean all your anal toys including the Ultra Douche.
You can pull it apart very easily so there are no issues with getting into all areas.
The Bulb is where you put the water in for the douching and all you have to do is squeeze if with one hand and the jet of water will loosen anything that needs to come out.
Once you have given it a couple of squeezes you pull it out and let it slide out.
Hygiene is of paramount importance for both you and your lover.
Whether you’re using toys or a penis you want it to be fresh and sexy whilst you are having fun.
If you are using a douche for the first time you can use a little lube if you feel the need to insert the douche nozzle.
The Ultra Douche to make sure that you are squeaky clean for some anal play.
Sleek, Comfortable and Seamless Disassembles For Cleaning Easy Squeeze Bulb Hygienic