Orange is the New Black – Short Leash


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Orange is the New Black is a perfect introductory restraint play set for anyone.
Neck Brace which is comfortable and fluffy with its fluffy orange faux fur material on the inside to make sure you are in total comfort.
The brace itself is 43cm in length and 5cm in width and has 1 buckle with 6 holes to provide the perfect fit for you or your lover.
There is a D clip to attach the leash in the centre of the neck brace.
Short Leash at 90cm in length with an extra 16cm for the looped handle and is made from faux leather.
This is an ideal length leash to stand or lay next to each other or you can find many a different and enjoyable position to play with.
Mix it up with any of the other bondage and restraint play equipment in the Orange is the New Black range.
There is someone for everyone and every level.
It is recommended to always keep your toys and toy equipment clean and stored in a clean environment.Orange is the New Black – Short Leash OITNB neck brace and leash for when you want to be in control of your lover and/or just for fun.
Neck Brace Short Leash

Orange Is The New Black Short Leash


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