Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 90g


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The only workout that offers instant gratification, our 90g silicone kegel balls provide advanced pelvic floor training and pleasure.
Sleek silicone encases free-roaming, jiggling weights for deep arousal and a seriously effective toning session.
While your internal muscles naturally clench around the balls to keep them in place, free-roaming weights wiggle and jiggle with every movement to enhance your pleasure during use.
Follow the included instructions to experience intensified, easy-to-reach orgasms and the highest level of vaginal strength and health.
Wearing your kegel balls before intimate play is a great way to trigger natural lubrication and enhance sensitivity for an extra thrilling experience.
Try walking, jogging or trampolining to activate the free-roaming internal weight and experience thrilling internal stimulation while you exercise.
The results? Pelvic floor muscles Serena Williams would be proud of.
Easy-peasy insertion is yours with a helping hand from your favourite water-based sex lube.