Astroglide Warming Lubricant – 74ml


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The Special Formula of Astroglide Warming Lube not only Lubricates, but also acts as a vaginal moisturizer.
Designed to mimic the body’s natural fluids it is great for relieving vaginal dryness and will make condom use much more enjoyable! Perfect for women who may be experiencing dryness following childbirth or menopause so they don’t miss out on nights of sensual sex due to discomfort from dryness.
This is a great product to help to get things moving again.
Now you can add a playful touch to yours or your partners most sensitive regions and let the fun begin.
You will find it is just the right mix of stimulation and lubrication to keep the action turned up for hours.
No more wham-bam-thankyou-mam with this lubricant! The tingling sensation against your clitoris will drive you wild and will have you screaming for more.
With its Smooth Texture it will never turn sticky or tacky.
So when you are ready to heat things up this is a great lube to have stashed in the bedside cabinet.
Why not start with a sensual massage then apply to all your partners’ sensitive spots and watch then squirm with pleasure.
Ultra smooth and slick to the touch, it is also easy to clean and non-staining.
There will be no more sneaking your sheets to the washing machine to hide the evidence of your night of passion.
Perfect for use by both men and woman and is both odourless and flavourless.
This Lubricant is a Water Based warming product, which is formulated with high-grade body safe ingredients and creates a warming sensation on contact.
This makes this product a perfect choice for people wanting a lube that is safe for use with both condom and sex toys.
It will give you safe, long lasting and sustained lubrication.
Just what you need for a night of raunchy love making, what are you waiting for get yours today!Wanting to turn up the heat in the bedroom? It will be a breeze with Astroglide Warming Lubricant.
It has the same smooth feeling as the original Astroglide, but has a soft warming sensation to enhance both yours and your partner’s pleasure.
Take charge of your pleasure with the soft, tingling sensation of Astroglides invigorating warming Lubricant.
Moisturising Tingling fun for those sensitive regions Soft, Smooth Long Lasting Water-based and Water-soluble – easy to clean up Safe for use with latex products and toys